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Christians believe that the earth and everything in it is a gift from God, and that ultimately it belongs to God and not to us. Most Christians understand that the ‘dominion’ God gave people over the earth as described in Genesis means ‘responsible stewardship’. A steward cares for something that belongs to someone else. We are caretakers of God’s wonderful world. We are not to misuse or exploit it, but to ensure it is healthy, productive and a good place to live for all, today and into the future.


Eco Church is one of many initiatives where the Church of England is involved in safeguarding the environment. St Mary's is currently a Bronze Award holder, and we are working towards our Silver Award.

About A Rocha
Image by Nicholas Doherty

Eco Church is a scheme run by A Rocha UK equipping churches to care for God's creation

through their worship, buildings, land, community engagement, and individual lifestyles.

Eco Church Blog

Find out ways to be environmentally conscious at home and at church. Check back for regular updates. 

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