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Handwashing in our homes, a key line of defence against coronavirus, is not an option for the world’s 3 billion people who do not have access to soap and water at home. 

From drought to flooding, climate change robs people of control over their lives, and across the globe, water shortages triggered by erratic weather such as this are pushing families into extreme poverty as crops fail. Extreme weather means people are struggling to survive without a reliable source of water. Your gift could help a community build an earth dam, so when the rains do come, they will have the water they need to live. A reliable source of water will help families withstand long drought or relentless rainstorms.

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Christian Aid is one of our 2021 charities. 

Every pound raised, every prayer said and every action taken, are expressions of our Christian love and compassion, of our belief that all life is equal and precious in the sight of God. 


The climate chaos is having a significant impact on communities in Kenya. 

Without a reliable source of water, many communities are struggling to survive, and the coronavirus pandemic has made the lack of water more desperate. One of these people is Rose. 

Rose battles every day to bring water home for her grandchildren. But the climate crisis is driving her to the brink. 

‘We have to walk long distances. We are suffering,’ Rose said. ‘Because of climate change, I worry a lot about food. I pray to God that the rainfall will become normal.’

Faced with this devastation, Rose strives to provide for her grandchildren. Every morning, after nothing to eat, she sets out on a long and dangerous journey, walking six hours to collect water. 

There is an earth dam just minutes away from her home. It should be a lifeline. But it’s not wide enough or deep enough for everyone’s needs. It runs out of water too quickly. 

Together, we can help stop this climate crisis. But we need to act now. 

This Christian Aid Week (10-16 May), you could help people like Rose fight the climate crisis. Donate to help communities like hers have what they need to survive: a reliable source of water.

  • £4.40 could teach 10 farmers how to plant drought-tolerant crops that can survive the drought.

  • £10 could buy a pair of taps at a water point which will be installed at an earth dam, making it easier for people to fetch water.

  • £42 could buy 350kg of cement, which is needed to build an earth dam.

  • £545 could pay for a skilled labourer to work on the construction of an earth or sand dam.


With a dam full of water, Rose would be free from her long, painful journeys. She’d have time to grow fresh vegetables for her family to eat. And she could see her grandchildren grow up to live life in all its fullness.   

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Christian Aid exists to create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. Poverty is an outrage against humanity. It robs people of their dignity and lets injustice thrive. But together we have the power to transform lives. 

Christian Aid are a global movement of people, churches and local organisations who passionately champion dignity, equality and justice in countries worldwide.