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Looking Back Over 2022

Written by Marion Oakes

A new year is underway and we have completed a full year of new actions since achieving our Eco Bronze status. This seems a good time to look at what we have achieved over this past year and what will help towards a Silver Eco award:

  • The church bank account has been changed to one with more green considerations and an ethical policy.

  • Both our gas and electricity are now with ethical energy suppliers.

  • Recycled toilet paper used throughout the buildings.

  • Many environmentally friendly cleaning products, bought in bulk/refillable containers, now used in church. (aiming for 100%)

  • Fairtrade, plus eco friendly products encouraged in the kitchen.

  • Recycling started, for church members, of empty tablet blister packs.

  • Reduced plastic oasis sourced by flower team.

  • Notice sheet continued electronically after covid restrictions, to reduce paper wastage.

  • Generic service books used to further reduce excess paper.

  • Grounds redevelopment. Cycle racks, new trees and raised beds with pollinators now in place. (carbon capture hedging, bat or nesting boxes, insect hotel, ? compost bin/water butt, planned for the future)

  • Connecting environmental issues with faith and social gatherings; - Prayers, Creationtide, Climate Sunday, Christian Aid, the Autumn Fair.

  • Monthly Eco church article in notices. (to be expanded for a wider contribution of eco articles)

  • Car Park resurfacing, (this was done over a year ago, but some fact checking needed before inclusion in Eco Church data) Material used for resurfacing the car park, was partially recycled and two ducts were installed under the car park, for electrical wiring and possible, future electrical car charging points.

The coming year will provide new environmental challenges needing action, whether as individuals, as the church community or involving wider community engagement. Please keep our environmental problems in your prayers and keep caring for God's beautiful creation.


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