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What can we do to help save energy in Church?

Written by Marion Oakes

Energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions have always been important actions to help tackle the climate crisis. Recent world events and the rise in the cost of living and energy prices have, now impacted in all our lives. All the actions we have become used to taking in our homes (list still on the eco board) can also be adopted in the church building.

The Church of England have produced a document of practical suggestions to help parishes save energy and money. As the PCC and various groups work towards resolving many of the issues outlined, there are simple things we can all do to contribute to energy saving in church. A few of their helpful suggestions are outlined below:

  • Keep radiators clear of furniture and other obstructions.

  • Consider putting insulator foil between the radiators and the wall. Bleed radiators

  • Tackle drafts and close doors when rooms are not in use. Welcomers can control outside doors.

  • Turn off radiators when rooms vacant long term.

  • People can sit away from walls, doors and draughts and if they sit closer together, their natural warmth is shared.

  • Consider moving small group meetings, activities and worship into a smaller part of church which is easier to heat.

  • Portable electric heaters can be used in small spaces. Future considerations could be infra red heaters, that warm people and not the building, or heated cushions or blankets.

  • Try and schedule activities in church, back to back, on fewer days, so that heating up from scratch happens less often.

  • Turn off lights, computers, monitors and printers when not in use.

  • Don’t overfill urns and kettles.

  • Turn down water temperature if it’s higher than it needs to be.

  • Use dish washers when full and use an eco setting.

  • Check the fridge/freezer do not need defrosting and turn them off if nothing in them.


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