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2nd Sunday of Advent, 5th December 2021


Worship with us this Sunday!

This Sunday is the second Sunday of Advent. As well as our 8am and 10am services, please do join us at 4pm for our Christingle Service.

You can also join us via our YouTube Channel > or view our upcoming services here>

This week's Bible Readings:

Hymns: 282, 527, 265

Eucharist setting: Grayston Ives, "Salisbury Service"



Join us at 4pm on Sunday 5th December for our Family Christingle Service. Each piece of the Christingle holds special symbolism to help children understand the importance of Jesus and the Gospel, and its relevance as we approach Christmas. You can read more about the history and meaning of the Christingle on the Children’s Society website.


Candle in memory

Throughout Christmas week, candles in memory of loved ones will be lit and placed on the windowsills in church, lasting for 7 days. Should you wish to remember someone in this way, we ask for a £5 donation per candle; this can be given to the office.


Concert Series Thanks

Huge thanks the Concert Series team for a successful 2021 season. After a year out due to Covid it was a pleasure to have such diverse music and audiences in our church once again. David Lax, who has been the chair of the committee, deserves extra special thanks as he steps down after 5 years—ending on a high! We are looking forward to what 2022 brings!


Traidcraft returns

The Traidcraft stall is back at the 10 o'clock service, with new stock including Christmas cards. Please continue your support for small farmers and craftsmen and women by fair trade shopping. Thank you, Rick Channing.


Whitley Bay Fiesta

St Paul's in Whitley Bay extend a very warm welcome to their fabulous fiesta on Sunday 5th December from 11am. Come along for some festive fun!


Toddler Carol Service

All families with young children are welcome to our Toddlers Carol Service on Monday 13th December at 10.30am. The service will be very informal; please feel free to invite anyone with small children, St Mary’s offers a warm welcome to you all.


De Paul Trust Donations

Thank you to everyone who has contributed chocolates for young people supported by the De Paul trust. Your gifts will make a difference this Christmas. ~Thelma Gilhespy



Saturday 4th December

Sunday 5th December

2nd Sunday of Advent

8am Holy Communion

10am Sung Eucharist

11am Whitley Bay Fiesta

4pm Christingle Service

Monday 6th December


9am Morning Prayer

9:30-11am Toddler Group

7.30pm Scout Exec meeting

Tuesday 7th December

Ambrose, Bishop of Milan

9am Morning Prayer

9.30am Marine Park First School (visit 2/3)

11.30am-2.30pm Whitley Lodge First School nativity

Wednesday 8th December

The Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

9am Morning Prayer

10:30am Holy Communion

1.30pm Marine Park First School (visit 3/3)

6pm Choir Practice

Thursday 9th December

9am Morning Prayer

1-3pm Whitley Lodge First School nativity (TBC)

Friday 10th December

Saturday 11th December

5.30-6.30pm Young Notes choir

Sunday 12th December

3rd Sunday of Advent

8am Holy Communion

10am Sung Eucharist

Monday 13th December


9am Morning Prayer

9.30am Toddler Group

10.30am Toddlers Carol Service


For Your Prayers

Your Prayers are requested for

  • Anne Otter

  • Rhona and Douglas Lawrie

  • Sheilah Young

  • Martin Cooper

  • Alison Young

  • Ron House

  • Kathleen Dales

  • Maggie Hollis

  • Daniel

  • Jean Woodruff

Rest in Peace

  • Sylvia McDougle RIP

  • Meriel Ripley RIP

RIP Anniversary

  • Les Merrison RIP

Don’t forget, you can add someone to the prayer list by emailing or phoning as usual, but you need to get their permission before adding them to the sick list.

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Remember that News and notices from previous weeks are all available to read by clicking "notices" at the top of the page.

Parish Breakfasts return

Refreshments are once again being served after the 10am Eucharist. This will be a much-missed chance to chat and have fellowship after our worship. If you would like to join the parish breakfast rota and serve in this way, please contact the office.


Children's worship

During our 10am services, we now have special activities for all 4-11 year olds!

Children's activities take place in the Gathering Space. Please contact Mary Cooper for more information, or to help with this very important work (019122525707).


Christingle Collecting Candles

It's time to find your Christmas jumpers and search down the back of the settee for any last small change you may have to fill a Christingle collecting candle! When you are next at St Mary's, please take one from the vestibule and remember ALL are welcome to our Christingle Service at 4pm on December 5th. ~Sue Channing.


Grounds redevelopment

We’re delighted to say that the Diocesan Advisory Committee met on Thursday and approved our faculty application. This means we can make plans to start the work. A little bit more preparation needs to be done but we now have permission to take it to the next stage.


Eco Church

Congratulations to everyone at St. Mary's and all those involved with our environmental issues. We have reached the first milestone and received a Bronze Eco Church award. A copy will be going on display, on the church eco board and in the hall.


Covid 19 Update

As we can see from the news, Covid remains a huge problem throughout the country. We have been discussing how we deal with the various issues, and this is where we stand at the moment:

  • There is no longer any need to register for services

  • We will only issue red badges as requested to indicate that you're still being very careful about social distancing

  • Please continue to wear masks

  • Parish breakfast will not be restarting yet

  • We have no plans yet to start administering the wine at communion

  • We will continue to review our Covid risk assessment and make changes when we think it's safe to do so.

Please don't hesitate to speak to us or any of the staff team if you have any concerns or questions. David and Sue, Wardens.


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