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Vicar's first impressions

I presented a paper to the PCC on Wednesday 18th January with a list of short and medium term objectives for the parish. This was based on my initial impressions of the parish which I have to say are all positive. My perception is that there is a real energy in the parish and a hunger to move on and develop. My instinct is to 'ride the wave' of energy and move forward on some of these ideas to see what people think. I was delighted that the PCC were very supportive and I thought I would share a list of my short term ideas with you.

  • To move notices in services to before the blessing

  • To introduce a gradual hymn (between readings) and to announce hymns

  • To shake hands again during the peace with the person to your left and right if you feel comfortable doing so

  • To re introduce the procession of the elements (Bread and wine) during the offertory hymn.

  • To build on the toddlers group and start a family service once a month on a Sunday afternoon

  • To re introduce a contemplative prayer service on a Sunday afternoon.

My intention is to introduce these slowly from February onwards and to gather people who are interested in the supporting the family service to see if this would be sustainable in the long term. I would welcome your thoughts and comments and please let me know if you have any other ideas.

May we all be guided by the Grace of God our work to grow God's kingdom.

Rev'd Nigel


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