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Thought for the Week: Third Advent

Written by Rev'd Nigel

During Advent, the church has been alive hosting school children. Just this last week we had the privilege of year 3 from Marine Park school coming in to learn about Advent and the

Nativity. I have often heard it said the Christmas would not be the same without children

and I think there is something in that saying. Not just about the excitement and the sparkle

in the children’s eyes, but also the lessons we can learn from them. The school children

were invited to ask questions of the team leading the sessions and I was delighted by the

range and depth of questions the children asked. They were happy, in fact excited, to ask

any question that was in their head and received the answers thoughtfully sometimes

provoking a further question at a deeper level.

As adults, that questioning nature or the else the courage to ask those questions leaves us

yet I know that we all have questions about our faith, about God, about life. This Advent and

Christmas, as we experience the move from darkness into light and wait expectantly, let’s

not be afraid to ask those questions, to seek and find the answers and to take our faith to a

new level. There are opportunities with bible study on a Thursday evening and after services or why not pick up the phone or write an email and ask someone. No question is too simple or silly. Let us learn from the children and as Jesus tells us in Matthew 18, let us become child-like in our curiosity and desire to know more about God who appeared in the form of human being to be present with us. I wonder what your burning questions are?

And let us also pray for our children and for those who teach and nurture them in these

challenging times.

Rev Nigel.


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