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Praying for the Parish

What does, and perhaps more importantly, what should St Mary the Virgin church offer its congregation and the local community? This is a question we will be discussing in depth at our Parish Day on Saturday 3rd June 2023. If this day is going to help us to work out our values, mission and to set out our plan for the next three years, we need to have prepared for it. In my view, the best way to prepare is to pray and meet in fellowship to discuss our ideas so that on the 3rd June we can bring our ideas together before God and be clear on the church's future mission and action. On this basis, I will be holding prayer meetings every Friday (Apart from Good Friday) from 17th February at 3pm in St Mary's. All are welcome to join me. I know that some people feel intimidated at the thought of prayer meetings but there will be no pressure for you to pray out loud, but listening will be essential and perhaps writing down your thoughts to share anonymously. We will end the meeting with a cup of tea and chat and an opportunity to mull things over that have occurred to us during the time or prayer.

All are Welcome and I hope to see you there.

Rev'd Nigel


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