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Apostolic Pie

Every year between Easter and Pentecost, through our weekly readings, we are reminded of the Acts of the Apostles. It is too easy to reflect upon the wonder of their works and think of them as an historical document …. because in truth it remains ‘work in progress’. Having spent many of the latter years of my working life in a busy commercial kitchen I tend to find culinary metaphors for passages in the Bible. A good recipe gives you all the ingredients and the methodology you need to make a sustainable dish. Acts 2:42-end provides a recipe for Christian fellowship that has endured throughout the ages. In this instance we shall call it an ‘Apostolic Pie’, which nourishes us so that we may devote ourselves to the apostles’ teaching; fellowship; the breaking of bread; prayers; and the sharing of our possessions. It also provides us confidence that in doing so our numbers will surely grow.

At St Marys we are fortunate that so much good work has been done over the years and it is right that, just as we admire the Acts of the Apostles, so too should we honour our own past. Building upon what God is already doing here we need also to rejoice in the fresh roots of growth that we are witnessing today and embrace the future.

Acts 2:42–end presents a model of Christian fellowship that is still relevant in the 21st century. By stirring the apostles’ teaching, creating opportunities for fellowship, breaking bread and engaging in prayer

Christian believers can create a vibrant and active faith community that becomes inclusive and welcoming. Once shared the Apostolic Pie will most certainly energise relationships and strengthen the body of Christ. Enjoy!

Rev Eric Lewis


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