4th Sunday after Trinity, 5th July 2020

Church opening for public worship—PLEASE READ

It is a real pleasure to be able to return to the church for public worship. We will be holding our first service back next week, Sunday 12th July at 10am.

This is however not a return to normal—there are measures in place to ensure safety, and these will impact what we are able to do together. As new guidance is released we will be updating and amending our arrangements accordingly.

  • The service will not be Holy Communion yet. There will be one service, and it will be very similar to the ones we have been doing online during the lockdown.

  • We are only able to have 30 people in the congregation. This is so we can space out the chairs 2 metres apart. To help plan this, and to set up for families/bubbles to sit together, we are asking that you let us know you’re coming. You can sign up on the website (or by calling the Office) from Monday at 11am. Please be patient with us; it is not an ideal situation, and as soon as we are able to welcome more people we will.

  • The service will be broadcast live online. For those who are not joining us, you will be able to join online, as you have been doing.

  • Families are welcome, but we cannot provide any special provision for children yet.

  • Specific measures are in place, including sanitiser stations, social distancing, and one way systems, and also changes to the way we use service leaflets and music.

  • Nothing should be too onerous or complicated, and Staff, Wardens and Welcomers will guide you, but you and your family should decide when you will join us, and what the risks are, dependent on your own situation.

Everything has been thought through carefully and we have put in place measures designed to ensure your safety. If you have any questions or concerns about what to expect, please contact the Office or Staff Team; whether you join us soon, or after a couple of weeks, or whether you decide to stay at home, we want you to be able to make the decision confidently.

Finally—our church is open to anyone. Whether you are a regular, or you’ve never been before, the service is available for you. Please do not think that you are less entitled to be with us in person than someone else. It will be a pleasure to see you. And for those who continue to watch online at home, we hope that the service we can broadcast is as spiritually nourishing as it can be. Thank you for joining us in whatever form.

St Mary's Staff Team

3rd July 2020