3rd Sunday of Easter, 26th April 2020


I’m trying to take a walk around the block early every morning. There’s hardly anyone around so, bar the occasional dog walker, it’s just me and my thoughts and a bit of prayer as I plod along. One of my prayers is that I notice things and sure, enough, in the first week or so of lockdown I noticed that there were lots of rainbow pictures in people’s windows supporting the NHS and those who are working so hard to care for people as Covid 19 takes hold of our country. I remember thinking how lovely it was that all this hard work was being recognised and supported.

This last week, however, I’ve noticed a change. The rainbows in windows are still there but suddenly, on the pavements and brick walls, alongside all the hopscotch and hieroglyphics, there are hundreds and hundreds of rainbows drawn by children as they play outside. It’s impossible not to notice them!

This gave me a big ‘ah ha’ moment. While putting rainbows in windows for the NHS is to help spread hope in a difficult time, how else might people of faith see them? Well, this takes us right back to the book of Genesis and the story of Noah. At the end of the flood, God made a promise, a covenant, with Noah and his descendants (so the whole of humanity) to protect and bless them. The reminder for God of this covenant was a rainbow in the clouds. I wonder if, in the darkness and destruction of this brutal pandemic, the rainbow is here to remind us of that covenant. Mediated though our children, the symbol of God’s protection and blessing is appearing in places where we can best see it.

As we move through the clouds of this difficult time, may these rainbows keep pointing us towards the protection and blessing of our God.

Revd Clare Connors


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