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2nd Sunday of Easter, 19th April 2020

Hello Everyone,

Again, thanks to all of you who have sent messages saying how much they are enjoying our services, either on the attached service sheets or by joining in online.  The video services can be accessed by going onto our website and clicking on the Church at Home.

Our thanks this week go out to the cast of many (including the children) who provided us with the readings, prayers and reflections for all the Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter Sunday recordings. They did a wonderful job.


This week we send our best wishes and to Pam and Bill Miller who will celebrate their Golden Wedding anniversary on 25th April. Pam was looking forward to doing her own flower arrangement for church but the closure has put that on hold.


For those of you who know Avis Robinson, just to let you know that she is still in London looking after her aunt who is now recovering from a chest infection. Avis sends her love and hopes everyone at St Mary's remains well. She remembers us all in her prayers and hopes that we stay safe and well.


Martin Cooper

Enid Havard

Edna Davis

Shirley Teasdale

Tina Tompkins

Russell Dawson

Lesley Towers


Angus Webb

David Barrow

George David Mendham

Patrick O’Brady-Jones

Our deepest sympathy goes to Rosie and Andy Webb on the loss of their son Angus due to coronavirus.

Don’t forget, you can still add names to the list by emailing or phoning as usual, but don’t forget you need to get the person’s permission before adding them to the sick list.


As you know we cannot go ahead with the APCM which was scheduled for 26th April, this will be postponed until a later date.  However, the APCM Report Booklet is ready and can be sent out to you by email if you let us know that you’d like a copy.  The booklet can be viewed now on our website if you click on the ‘News’ tab at the top of our webpage.


Do let us know if you or others are celebrating any special event or anniversary so that we can put this news into our future email letters.  You can do this by leaving a message on the church office answerphone 0191 251 4216 or emailing us on:

Stay safe.

Dot and Carol


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