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Rally for Climate Crisis | Pray for change | Policy Update | Blister Packs

Rally for the Climate Crisis. COP 27 is underway in Egypt, where governments negotiate what they will do to scale up action to address the worsening climate and biodiversity crisis. A Global Day of Action has been called, Saturday November 12th, to demand Climate Justice. Rallies will be held across the country and our nearest rally is ;-

Newcastle, Greys monument, 12.11.22 @ 11.45 am. Rally and March going to the Civic centre for a mini Green Festival. Pray for change. Please include the environmental crisis in your prayers. Pray for all those effected by by the climate changes and all the world leaders gathered making the important decisions that effects our futures.. Together our individual actions and prayers will collectively contribute to positive change. St. Mary's Environmental Policy. It is a year since our first policy was put in place. Thank you to all those working towards our environmental goals. If, as individuals and part of the community, we continue to increase our involvement and commit to even more changes, we will make a difference. If you need any information or ideas, please see the eco board and I'm always happy to help, if I can. Recycling of empy tablet blister packs, help request. The collection box for empty tablet blister packs is being well used. It is situated under the vestibule table, the packs are taken to Superdrug on Northumberland Street for recycling and funds are raised for Marie Curie. If anyone is able to help with the occasional transfer of the packs into town, please let me know. I have a zippable transfer bag I use, it is lightweight, even when full and manageable on the metro. Any offers of help gratefully received. Marion.


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