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Prayers Sunday 16th July

Gracious God, you are planting seeds-open our eyes, our

hearts, our minds, our imaginations to see them

Where there is hope, you are there

Where there is compassion and desire for wholeness, you are


Where there is a struggle for peace, you are there

Where the hungry are fed and the poor empowered you are


Where there is a delight in the trees of the land or the depths

of the sea, you are there

Wherever love is announced, you are there

Whether our faith today feels as strong as a mountain or as

small as a seed, we pray that you will use us, strengthen and

renew us

Lord, hear us

Lord, graciously hear us

We pray for the world-wide church, and today especially for

it’s newest members……for those known to us, Alexander

Seed, baptised last Sunday and for Dylan, bravely being

baptised in the sea today

Lord hear us

Lord graciously hear us

We long for the end of greed, cruelty and poverty in our


We pray for justice, for honest dealings and for integrity in

the media

Lord, hear us

Lord ,graciously hear us

Bless our children, our visible signs of joy and energy, as they

move on as the academic year comes to a close. Help families

cope with the pressures school holidays can bring.

Help seeds grow and sprout in our community as we expand

the Family@4 service and offer support through the holiday


St Lucia Place is our particular focussed area today.

Lord, hear us

Lord ,graciously hear us

Healing God, strengthen our faith, help us trust in you when

things seem bleak or when it seems that nothing is

happening at all.

Help us know you are alongside us always.

Many are ill ,anxious and in pain

We pray for

Derek Burton


Clare Peel

And John Hughes

We hold a silent moment for those on our own

minds, enfolded and enriched by the power of praying


Lord hear us

Lord ,graciously hear us

Eternal God

You gave life to our mortal bodies through your Spirit

We are grateful for the examples set by those who have gone

before and are with you now.

We give thanks for the life of Denis Wardle and we

remember the anniversaries of Tina Tomkins and Tom Danskin

at this time. Hold in your loving arms, those who are grieving

and trying to come to terms with their loss

Lord, hear us

Lord, graciously hear us

Lord, the seed of hope is sown-let it grow and develop

through us in the way that is right for us-so, in that

knowledge, we may go out this week ready to sing, dance and

clap with joy.

Merciful Father accept these prayers…….


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