6th Sunday of Easter, 17th May 2020

Thought for the Week - Staying Alert

Hi everyone. Hope you're all doing well and staying safe.......and alert.  Since the Prime Minister's address last Sunday evening, I've been pondering on the change of language from Stay at Home to Stay Alert. It's a change that hasn't been well received by some, and has been described as confusing by others. What do you think? I'm sure being and staying alert is important, of course, as we continue to face an uncertain future at this present time.

Alert can be defined as 'the state of being watchful for possible danger'. That makes sense to me. However, I wonder if it can also refer to 'the state of being watchful for possible hope... or possible joy... or possible kindness'?

This morning, my husband Nigel and I were taken on a walk around the block by our 2 year old Iris. She strolled along with her sunglasses and wellies on, casually eating an ice cream as she went. Now, the walking pace of a 2 year old is slow at the best of times, but today it seemed that every step she took, she saw something worth stopping for and examining. So, we talked about the colours of the leaves and blossom, the shapes of road signs and rainbows, and the colours of cars and vans that we passed. And when a friendly cat came up to her for a cuddle, it was as though all the birthdays had come at once!! If I'd walked around the block myself, I would've missed all of this wonder, because I would've been rushing, or thinking about what to cook for dinner or something!! I wouldn't have been alert to every inch of my surroundings like Iris was.

This week, yes let's follow the Government's advice and Stay Alert. But rather than just looking for possible danger, why not try staying alert for the good things that surround us too? I know I'm going to. Sending love and prayers to all your homes and families from the Denyer household.

Nicola Denyer, Lay Reader

Church Use

Restrictions on the use of church buildings have been nationally reviewed and we are now able to carry out maintenance visits etc., but public worship is still not to be allowed. Only one or two people per week are permitted to enter at present. We are able now though to ring the bell and this will be done on Thursdays at 8pm.

Christian Aid

Although there have been no house-to-house collections you can still donate to Christian Aid this year. There are lots of ways to do this which you can find on Christian Aid's website: Christianaid.org.uk. Or you can donate by phone with various options on 020 7523 2269.