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2nd Sunday of Christmas, 3rd January 2021

Worship in church this Sunday

We have our usual service at 10am on Sunday 3rd January in church and online.

Epiphany Service

The service for the Epiphany is on Wednesday 6th January at 7.30pm in church and online.


Join us in church! Go to our Services & Worship page to see upcoming services and sign up. You can do that by clicking or tapping on this link:


Join us online! Head to our YouTube Channel to join us Live at 10am on Sunday, and access other videos. You can do that by clicking or tapping on this link:



Tier 4 Update

We are now in Tier 4. We have in place strict safety measures to allow public worship to continue, and we are continuing to assess numbers and spacing etc. to make sure the church is as safe as it can be. However, if you are worried about your own safety, please stay at home and join us online. If you would like to discuss any of this, get in touch.

100 Club

January winners are £50 Margaret Campbell, £30 Ann Garland and £20 Richard Hart.

Memorial Candles

The 41 candles which decorated our windowsills from Christmas Eve for

around 7 days were donated in memory of loved ones and we thank all who contributed. Many thanks also to the flower team who made the church look so wonderful over the Christmas period.

Thank you for your prayers

Esther & baby Oliver are very grateful for all your prayers. They were very much needed and appreciated. We are pleased to say that Oliver is now off the danger list and doing well.

Rona Lawrie also sends thanks for our recent prayers which were very gratefully received.



Christmas lights in the church garden

The tree and hedge in the church garden are lit in memory of the late Bobby and Lilian Hart. Many thanks to all the team who helped put them in place; you've done a splendid job!

Our Christmas Charity Appeal

As giving to our chosen charity was difficult this Christmas because we weren’t able to pass round a collection plate at our usual Christmas services, we hope any donations were received directly to the Disaster Emergency Committee Coronavirus Appeal as in our previous notices.

The Parish Office Reminder

The office remains closed as Dot and Carol continue to work from home. Phone messages or emails will be checked regularly, and correspondence can be popped through the letterbox in the north door and will be responded to as soon as possible.

The Bay Foodbank Reminder

Please continue to donate non-perishable items at Sainsbury’s & Morrison’s.


For your prayers this week:

Your Prayers are requested for

Martin Cooper

Emma Campbell


Chris Taylor

Peter Schofield

Pat Baker Olya Bouchard

Denise Burton

Rest in Peace

James Anderson Davidson (Anniversary)

Please also pray for Suzanne Rider, who is to be baptised here at St Mary’s on 10th January. Surround her with your love as she is received into the family of the Church. Help us all to support her that she may grow in faith and serve you with joy.

Don’t forget, you can add someone to the prayer list by emailing or phoning as usual, but you need to get their permission before adding them to the sick list. You can also use the form on the website here to submit a prayer request online.


This Week's Readings


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