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Giving Thanks

We have travelled together with Jesus from the wilderness where temptation is put before us, through his journey to Jerusalem, to the cross and finally his resurrection. Through this we have experienced mixed emotions of sadness and joy and our senses have been engaged with reflections on the grief expressed by Jesus for the people grieving for Lazarus and the grief of his disciples as they let him down, betrayed and denied him and the grief expressed by the women at the cross. In some small way (or perhaps even more profoundly) this will have changed each one of us and our understanding of the 'Risen Christ'. As we go forward we need to give thanks for the opportunity this season has afforded us and give thanks to the hard work of all of those who have helped in our services, setting out the church with flowers and symbols, the music and choir, readers and intercessors, hospitality, welcomers, wardens, back office and all who make this church function.

To give that thanks real meaning, we need to continue on the journey with Jesus, recognising where we have changed and building on that foundation. As we pray and questions are raised in our minds; muster the courage to ask the questions and to learn more about the faith the resurrection has created. Be a disciple of Christ and enjoy the freedom and joy it brings.

Rev Nigel


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