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Eco Church meets Community Event

The upcoming Autumn Fair (Saturday 29th September 1 – 3.30pm) has always been a major community event in the St. Mary’s calendar. At the present time we are working hard as individuals and as a church community, to address the environmental issues we all face. It is heartening to see environmental considerations emerging in so many areas of church life, including the fair.

This years first prize in the Autumn Fair Raffle is a stunning handmade quilt (Tickets available from the office and in church). Not only is it beautiful, but it has many sustainable attributes.

It is a quality item, long lasting, not mass produced and made locally which cuts down on transportation and pollution of the environment. It is unique, with a lot of time, energy and love going into it.

Someone is going to be very lucky to own this.

Remember to get your tickets and we hope to see you at St. Mary’s, on the day.

On the 29th, a smaller raffle will also be held, for a basket of goodies, donated by the members of the PCC. (Donated wicker basket and plastic free goods.)

The contents have been sourced locally, many from Northumberland and Yorkshire. The far travelled chocolate and ginger are from our own Fairtrade stall. The English sparkling wine is from Kent, which shares the same chalky soils and conditions as the champagne regions, without the travelling.

We look forward to welcoming you on the day, when we can all recycle, repurpose, support the local community and enjoy the day.


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