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Here at St Mary's we are members of the Christian faith expressed as part of the Church of England. This means we worship Jesus Christ who lived as one of us 2000 years ago in Palestine. He showed us God as our Creator, through his teaching, healing and acts of service and love and especially through his death and resurrection at Easter. Today, God sends the Holy Spirit, through Jesus, to comfort, challenge and inspire us to be all that God creates us to be. In God, we know that we are loved and this encourages us to share that love with our neighbours.

We gather to worship God in our beautiful church building on Sundays but we also use our church for social and community events, as well as our busy community hall. We offer opportunities to celebrate and offer support at important times of life such as the birth of a new baby,welcoming them through baptism, weddings and funerals. As part of the Church of England we see ourselves as belonging particularly to a geographical parish that stretches from Spanish City to the Lighthouse and inland to Churchill Playing Fields and to have a responsibility and care for all who live in this area. 


As a congregation at St Mary's we specifically understand ourselves and all we do as 

  • Believing - we are here because of God, brought together by his love 

  • Acting - creating space for all to grow

  • Connecting - looking outwards and being part of God's world

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